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Vitrum Maxi 2-Desiccator | SICCO

Material: borosilicate glass 3.3
Panels: clear
Stand: casters
Temperature resistance: from -70°C to +150°C
Use: normal pressure
Maximum all-over load
Overall dimensions
[W x H x D mm]
Total all-over load
Usable interior space
[W x H x D mm]
[kg approx.]
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Product information "Vitrum Maxi 2-Desiccator | SICCO"

Product description

Aluminium frame with heat-resistant panels made of borosilicate glass 3.3, two compartments and two doors, including four shelves made of stainless steel, two trays and two hygrometers, four casters, usable with up to 17 shelves per compartment.

Product advantages

» Reinforced aluminium frame with heat-resistant borosilicate glass panels
» Door with magnetic catch and circular rubber seal
» For storing hot materials (up to max. 300°C)
» Very good chemical resistance against aggressive products
» Variable height shelves made of stainless steel
» Easy to read electronic hygrometer
» Telescopic shelves


Especially suitable for storing hot materials (max. 300°C), very good resistance compared to most acids and organic substances.

SICCO Desiccators are designed for storing or drying humidity sensitive products using silica gel. The tight fitting door protects the contents from contamination from the atmosphere. The controlled environment inside the desiccators is ideal for storing reference materials, retained samples, metallographic specimen, tobacco and DNA-samples.
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