Delivery, Prices and Payment


In general, delivery times are short-termed. Delivery dates or periods of delivery that have been promised or planned shall only be valid as approximate dates or periods. There shall be no claims for compensation or no rights of withdrawal arising out of consequences of the delay and/or default. If we still have any further claims against the customer or later on, being informed of his eventual insolvency, we shall be able to delay delivery till clarification of this matter, or even to refuse it. Dates, periods and times of delivery are ex works. We shall not be held liable for damage suffered during transport. Cases of force majeure, walkout, lockouts, interruption of operation, lack of raw materials and operating materials, delivery failures on the part of our suppliers for which we are not responsible shall approximately extend the period of delivery and/or shall release us from the obligation to deliver the goods, provided that delivery has thus been made impossible. As soon as we have started ordering the materials or working on the items, all orders given to us can no longer be cancelled. Our supply quantities shall be subject to plus or minus 10% of the quantity ordered. The customer shall be obliged to accept the surplus or deficiency. In case of orders on call, delivery is to be taken of the full amount within 6 months, unless otherwise agreed upon. We can store the important details concerning order handling on computer. Direct shipments to the end users are only made exceptionally. The fee for such a shipment is at least 15 Euro.

Prices and Payment

Our prices are quoted in Euro, ex works Bohlender, without VAT, packing and other expenses not included. Payments shall be made cash net without deductions, without delay and within one month after sending the invoice (date of despatch) at the latest. If the date of payment is exceeded, we shall be entitled to charge at least the usual bank interests for a current account on the amount of the invoice for the period of delay.

For reasons of handling the minimum order quantity is 50 Euro net per order. For smaller orders we have to charge you for a fee of 15 Euro. Our invoices are only sent electronically (email).