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The Gas Dosing Controller

How it works:

The SICCO Gas Dosing Controller automatically controls the inlet of gas into a glove box or a desiccator. You simply adjust the required relative humidity directly on the Gas Dosing Controller (1). A sensor (2) inside the glove box constantly monitors the humidity, compares it to the adjusted value and leads in only the necessary amount of gas, e.g. nitrogen, into the glove box or desiccator. For connecting the sensor and the tubing for gas filling two cable lead-ins are needed on the glove box as well as on the desiccator.

How it works:

When the adjusted relative humidity (1) inside the glove box respectively inside the desiccator (3) is reached, the gas supply is stopped. The relative humidity will be kept on a constant level without any need for intervention.

For your safety and the safety of your products an acoustic signal and a visual signal are activated if the measured humidity inside the glove box or the desiccator deviates for more than 5% of the adjusted value. This way you can immediately initiate countermeasures.

The SICCO Gas Dosing Controller not only increases the safety but also reduces the monitoring time to a minimum.

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