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Zero loss of granules

The content of the “Zero Granular Loss” initiative is that the concerns of politics, the population and environmental groups around the world are increasing due to the accumulation of waste in the world's oceans. The amount of these garbage collections in the Atlantic and Pacific is estimated at around 100 million tons, and a large part of it is plastic. However, only a very small part of these wastes that enter the oceans are granules. The majority of the garbage deposited in the ocean is used items such as packaging waste or micro-plastics from cosmetics or cleaning agents. Nevertheless, plastic granules are also found in rivers, on beaches and in the sea. As a company that processes these plastic granules, the entire company is aware of its environmental responsibility.

For this reason, BOHLENDER GmbH has joined the pro-K initiative “Zero Granule Loss” and has also implemented some measures that aim to minimize the loss of granules and thus counteract the pollution of the world's oceans. The aim is also to sensitize employees, partners and customers across the industry to ensure that granules do not end up in waste or wastewater. In order to implement the initiative, the employees were made aware of this. The following measures are included: personal conversations, information signs and cleaning tools provided. An internal audit was also carried out to determine where granules could get into the environment. Subsequently, BOHLENDER GmbH created a plan with technical and organizational measures that aim to remedy weaknesses. For example, special sieves were installed in the surrounding sewage systems so that no granules can get into the sewage.

BOHLENDER provided the pro-K initiative with information about these measures and was certified accordingly. The company controls the implementation of the measures and their effectiveness at regular intervals and constantly optimizes them.

Zero loss of granules

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