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Safe wall fastening

How it works:

In order to use the available space of your work station efficiently there is an appropriate Wall Fastening Kit for Star-Desiccators. With this kit you can hang up your Star-Desiccator without great technical effort.

The Wall Fastening Kit provides you with all necessary parts to fasten your Star-Desiccator on the wall: one pair of wall-rails, one pair of fastening rails, six cylinder screws and one hexagon wrench. Depending on the quality of the chosen wall (e.g. plasterboard or masonry) you just have to buy the appropriate screws and if necessary anchor bolts.

You don’t need to take measurements to find the best position for your desiccator. You can simply use our drilling template in the scale 1:1. Once you found the best position the drilling template can be fixed to the wall. Then you can already mark the position of the bores for the wall-rails directly on the wall and mount the rails.

The fastening rails are hooked on the wall-sided, upper frame of the desiccator and are screwed together. Afterwards the desiccator with the assembled fastening rail can be connected with the upper wall-rail. With two further screws the hanger assembly is secured against slipping.

How it works:

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