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Effective and utility space

By means of the following chart you can easily determine the utility space per shelf and if this is enough for the planned products.

When choosing the number of shelves, please consider as well the maximum all-over load per shelf as well as the total all-over load of the desiccators that must not be exceeded.

A = Clear opening between two shelves / 
assembly in consecutive rasters in mm
R = Distance between two consecutive rasters in mm
B = Usable width of the shelf in mm
T = Usable depth of the shelf in mm
H = Thickness of the shelf in mm

Unless you do not mount a shelf in every raster, calculate the clear opening between two shelves as follows:
Clear opening
A = number of rasters x R – H

e. g. in Star Desiccators and a distance of 6 rasters:
A = 6 x 17,5 – 6 mm = 99 mm

Effective and utility space

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