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The Gas-saving valve

By using the SICCO Gas-saving valve you can significantly reduce the gas consumption of your glove box. The functional principal is very simplistic: depending on the strength of the gas flow the pass of the valve opens otherwise the valve is closed nearly gas-tightly. A complicated control and additional power supply are not necessary.

How it works:

Assemble the Gas-saving valve to the cable lead-in which you usually use to connect your aeration tubing and mount the aeration tubing on the hose connector.

During gas-filling the sealing ball is lifted due to the gas-flow and the passage to the aeration tubing is opened. The excess gas, which might lead to an overpressure in your glove box, is derived fast and damages are prevented.

How it works:

When the gas-filling process is completed the airflow stops. The sealing ball drops due to its own weight and closes the passage nearly gastightly.

Vacuum can already occur when the gloves are pulled on or off, which can cause a backflow of the ambient air into the workspace of the glove box. By using the gas-saving valve the passage to the aeration tubing remains closed and the inert atmosphere inside the workspace can be kept for a longer period of time. The amount of additional purging processes and consequently the gas consumption can clearly be reduced.

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