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Glove box for Exhaustion | SICCO

Material: PMMA
Panels: clear
Stand: rubber feet
Temperature resistance: from -20°C to +70°C
Use: normal pressure

Material Safety Data Sheets

Operating Instructions

Connector for exhaust system
[Ø in mm, graded]
Distance between openings
Hinged lid opening
[W x H mm]
Maximum all-over load
Opening for gloves
Overall dimensions
[W x H x D mm]
Usable interior space
[W x H x D mm]
[kg approx.]
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Product information "Glove box for Exhaustion | SICCO"

Product description

Aluminium frame with panels made of acrylic glass. Base panel, integrated connector for exhaust system and closing lid made of polyethylene. Iris-Ports and cable lead-ins made of polyethylene and silicone. Two lead-ins for cable on the back side (upper left and upper right). Two crosswise slotted silicone discs each in the openings and cable lead-ins. They are staggered mounted so that the overlapping segments at the same time allow easy access to the interior space and close the openings at non-use. The Iris-Ports ensure pressure compensation through air streaming when the exhaust system is switched on. Connection to exhaust system through an integrated connector on the top panel. This connector is graded for tubes with inner diameters 100, 120, 160 and 180 mm. When working without exhaust system the opening can be closed with a lid.

Product advantages

» Robust and light-weight aluminium construction
» Superb all-round visibility
» Non-slip rubber feet
» Cable lead-ins for electric devices
» Large front opening


Direct connection to an existing exhaust system through the integrated connector. Easy access to the interior space through Iris-port openings, no complex change of gloves.
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