Safe stacking of Desiccators

How it works:

SICCO Connectors for desiccators allow a fix connection of stacked drying cabinets, no matter if you want to stack two desiccators of the size Star, Big-Star or Maxi.

On each side a pair of braces will be clipped to the upper and lower device respectively on the front and back of the frame (1). By means of a hexagon socket head cap screw (2) and the appropriate hexagon wrench the braces will be safely fixed, the upper desiccator is secured against tilting and slipping.

Due to its construction, the connectors can be mounted later at any time effortlessly. Only for Big-Star and Maxi-Desiccators the non-slip rubber feet respectively the casters have to be removed from the upper device. Nonetheless this doesn’t require great mechanical skills.


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