Opening and closing the door

Test procedure:

Due to the constant gassing with nitrogen the relative humidity inside a desiccator is 15 %. A SICCO Gas Dosing Controller is connected during the lead in of nitrogen in order to control the gas supply and monitor the relative humidity. The attainable required humidity is adjusted to 10 %, the flow rate to 8 Liters / minute and the pressure reducer on the nitrogen bottle to 0,5 bar. The door of the desiccator is opened completely for 30 seconds. The curves show the relative humidity versus time.


The opened door causes an air exchange and thus the relative humidity inside rapidly increases. By closing the door the gas dosing controller starts working again and the work space is purged again with nitrogen. After approx. 30 minutes the initial value is reached again.

Opening and closing the door - Super-Star / Super-Star Horizontal


Opening and closing the door - Super Maxi-1


Opening and closing the door - Super Big-Star und Maxi-2


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