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Humidity-Temperature Probe with USB-Interface | SICCO

Technical information

Dimensions of stainless steel tube and sintering filter
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Product information "Humidity-Temperature Probe with USB-Interface | SICCO"

Product description

Suitable for all desiccators, including carry case and Windows-software for measured value display and data recording as well as USB plug type A, 1.1 or 2.0 compatible.

Combined temperature and humidity probe which can be directly driven by a PC by means of USB interface in handle, wide measuring range, high resolution, very good linearity and durability, calculation and indication of dew point, absolute humidity, vapor pressure, saturated vapor pressure and enthalpy, tabulated measured values, data are recorded on hard disk, humidity is measured with a long-term stable, capacitive polymer sensor, for monitoring store rooms in food production industry, quality control or HVAC technology, humidity measuring systems for custom projects, microcontroller applications, for Windows or Linux

Measuring range:
» 0–100% rh, ± 2 % and
-40 to 80 °C, ± 0,5 K
» Humidity: 0,01% rh
» Temperature: 0,01 K
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