SICCO flip page catalog
SICCO flip page catalog

Safe and easy transport

SICCO Mini Desiccators are the perfect repository and offer many options in less space.

Possible options of Mini Desiccators:

• Transparent for optimal visual inspection, made of clear PC or glass
• Light-protected for UV-sensitive components, made of orange PC
• Antistatic for protection from electrostatic charging, made of PC-ESD, black
• Opaque: no light incidence (darkroom), made of PC, black
• Solvent-resistent: made of glass (Vitrum)

Every Mini Desiccator disposes of Silicagel and is stackable.

The Mini Desiccators can be complemented by the following accessories:

Hygrometer, Connectors for gas-filling, cylinder lock, carry handle or shelves (max. 2 pieces), Usable area: Width approx. 200mm x depth approx. 180mm